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Remote workers struggling to access information

The M-Files 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report, a survey of 1,500 office workers across multiple global regions, found that despite 85% of UK employees needing access to corporate documents and information on their mobile device, over a third claim that their organisations are unable to provide the access they need.

55% of UK employees found it challenging and time-consuming searching and accessing company document on their mobile device. Additionally, over half of respondents reported that they would be unable to use their mobile device to share and collaborate on documents or edit files and documents.

Despite the reliance on mobile access, respondents name on average four different silos in which the documents and information they need are stored, including email (68%), shared drives/network folders (58%), local disks (54%), cloud-hosted files (54%), paper (48%), file-sharing apps (44%), external hard drives (41%), Microsoft SharePoint (32%) and DMS/ECM systems (25%).

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