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Ricoh’s Digital Print Business Development Programme EDGE Helps Healeys Create New Partnerships and More

Leading printing and marketing provider, Healeys Print Group, enrolled in Ricoh’s new EDGE business development programme in March this year, and has since reported continued success. The enrolment and ongoing partnership with Ricoh led to Healeys collaborating on the follow-up campaign to the 2021 Fedrigoni 365 calendar. This has created further marketing opportunities with the hundreds of design agencies that took part in the project. As its relationship with Ricoh has accelerated its business opportunities, Healeys recently renewed its investment in Ricoh through the addition of Gold and Silver toners to its Ricoh Pro C7200x engine. The ongoing success of this partnership has accelerated creative and collaborative opportunities for Healeys.

With COVID-19 encouraging business leaders to thoroughly consider how it operates, Healeys made the decision to enrol in EDGE and revolutionise the business, challenging its own convictions. EDGE, launched in October 2020 by Ricoh, is a unique digital print business development programme that supports printers looking to offer new services and develop enhanced value propositions with tools, advice and methodologies. It was designed to deliver a more personalised consultancy and tailored post-sale support for print service providers. It was made to support printers in delivering new revenues and efficiencies through innovation, creating and building new business models, generating effective marketing plans, and developing customer communications management strategies for clients. What Healeys has learned through the EDGE programme, along with the changes this has encouraged it to make, has and will continue to make a fundamental difference to how it operates.

Thanks to its relationship with Ricoh and such new developments, Healeys was selected to drive the follow up campaign for the 2021 Fedrigoni 365 project. This is a collaboration of print and design, harnessed by the paper manufacturer to showcase its creative paper stocks and the latest innovations in digital printing. The creatives that took part in the 2021 edition of the 365 project received a poster of their own design from Healeys, printed on a five colour Ricoh Pro C7200x. This opened up marketing opportunities with the hundreds of design agencies that had registered for the Fedrigoni project, as well as creative agency Nutshell Creative. Through these partnerships, Healeys is implementing its own marketing campaigns to increase its profile and drive new business opportunities with the creative community.

Healey’s recent reinvestment in Ricoh through its addition of Gold and Silver toners to its Ricoh Pro C7200x engine demonstrates the strengthening of this partnership. Similarly, it has attributed its implementation of the CRM system to the education delivered by EDGE. The CRM enables the business to track activity and evaluate what is working and what isn’t, allowing them to improve their marketing strategies. This filled a gap in the business’ marketing operations, enabling it to become more productive, efficient, and deliver more results.

Philip Dodd, Managing Director, Healeys Print Group, says: “I believe that one of the dangers for a business is getting comfortable; doing the same thing for so long in a certain way that you believe it is correct, particularly if you’re getting some decent results that way. For me, whenever you get to that point, your business growth will suffer. You are not being challenged, you are believing ‘your own stuff’. We all like some degree of comfort but I don’t in business.”

“I see great value in partnerships with suppliers. We look for companies that support us, that we can talk to and that listen well. Ricoh has always looked after us very well and we have a very strong, collaborative relationship. It has become more than a company that supplies us with a digital press; it reaches deeper into who and what we are.”

Simon Isaacs, National Sales Director, Ricoh UK, says: “We are glad to see our partnership with Healeys Print Group grow from strength to strength. We launched the EDGE programme last year as a way to ensure our consultancy could be completely implemented, allowing for the best possible outcomes. The programme prioritises innovation, creativity, and communication, with the view that these will lead to new opportunities and partnerships. We are thrilled that the programme has helped Healeys to become involved in some new, exciting projects, and hope that they will continue to do so”.

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