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Scan software – the saviour of the moment?

If you’ve never delved into the world of scan software before, now might just be time. Spend a little time getting to understand what can be achieved and you could suddenly become your customer’s new best friend.

With many companies, big and small not only looking for time-savings and cost-efficiencies, the fast-looming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) deadline means that many of your customers will undoubtedly require help and assistance with data management, whether they currently realise the full extent of the task or not.

Capture Pro Software
Kodak’s Capture Pro Software is a name you may already be familiar with, but for those of you that are new to it, it’s software which transforms scanned information into searchable and readable content. It quickly converts paper into high-quality images, captures and indexes critical data and delivers it to databases, applications and people – automatically. Information can be sent to and integrated with ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint, giving customers streamlined workflow and processes.

The ability to search for data quickly and easily is imperative for GDPR compliance. In relation to this, one question to pose to your customers is “can you find all the information you need?”. An individual not only has the right to request to see the information held about them by an organisation, but the right to ask for its removal too. Can your customers easily and quickly come up with all that content? The chances are that many are still taking a trip to the archive filing room, rifling through filing cabinets or folders and praying they can come up with the data in time in the event of a request. What’s the privacy of that information? Your customers must respond to the request using a standard electronic format too. Suddenly, the marriage of scan software solutions and GDPR compliance seems a natural and necessary one.

Scan specialists advise
Whether customers have a desktop model or a larger, high-volume operations scanner, Kodak’s Capture Pro Software is scalable to suit specific needs and can help clients on the road to GDRP compliance. Scan Sales Specialists at Midwich are your first port of call as they understand that each customer is different. They can help make sense of the options available, talk you through the choices and ensure the licences are purchased or renewed correctly so that your customers have the best fit for their requirements.

Info Input Portfolio
Midwich specialists can also help you understand a much more complex software offering, Kodak’s Info Input Portfolio. Again, you may have heard of it but not fully understood the huge implications this clever, intelligent and fast web-based software can have on managing data for a customer’s business. How to simplify this amazing software? Well it’s adaptable and has artificial intelligence which learns to integrate data into a company’s business. We’re not simply talking about integrating with Sage, Share Point or Sales Force (although it does do that), this software is often used by large, Blue Chip organisations, who are using multiple systems, possibly via multiple sites. When Kodak states it’s a “game changer for business”, they’re not wrong. If you deal with large companies, it’s worth having the conversation about software and data management with them. The Scan Team at Midwich are happy to work with you on large projects requiring complex and bespoke scanning solutions. You don’t need to be an expert; they can help you with supplying both Kodak’s Capture Pro and Info Input Portfolio Software. Midwich are on hand for Kodak Alaris scanning hardware, software and advice.

Give Midwich a call on 01379 649200 or email their Scan Specialists today and enjoy increased or new income streams from document scanning opportunities.

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