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Secure printing from SAP

YSoft SafeQ can now be integrated with enterprise resource planning solution, SAP. When integrated with SAP, business documents are processed through YSoft SafeQ’s secure print queues, and users pick up their documents after authenticating themselves at any equipped printer in the company’s network. YSoft SafeQ can also handle batch printing from SAP, and documents are printed in the original order. Direct print queues can also be supported.

Y Soft offers three levels of integration between YSoft SafeQ and SAP. The initial two levels can be performed by partner resellers and an organisation’s SAP administrator. Y Soft’s professional services team provides deeper integration for advanced functionality through the company’s available extensions and integrations.

All the available extensions and integrations that add additional print management and document capture value to a business can be viewed on the newly available YSoft SafeQ Extensions and Integrations webpage. These extensions and integrations allow Y Soft and Y Soft partner resellers to design a solution for a customers’ specific needs.