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Selectec expands into the Nordic region

Select Technology (Selectec) has announced the formation of Selectec Nordic, a joint venture with NordicDoc Solutions to drive digital transformation across the Nordic region. Selectec Nordic will combine Selectec’s unique brand of outcome-based technical sales with NordicDoc’s in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Selectec is the longest established PaperCut ASC (Authorised Solution Centre) in Europe, having helped to turn PaperCut from a virtually unknown brand in the UK into a market leader. As a result, 18 months ago it was also offered ASC status in the Nordic region. While assessing the potential of the market, Selectec initially worked from the UK and used NordicDoc as a local partner. However, it always knew that establishing a significant full-time presence in the region would be key to fully replicate the success enjoyed in the UK.