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Self-doubt in the workplace

A study commissioned by Trachet – a business advisory firm helping entrepreneurs accelerate growth – has unveiled a workforce riddled in self-doubt, with 34% of Brits stating they often feel lonely in the world of work due to their workload.

The report entitled “From Burnout to Earnout”, found that nearly 1-in-3 (30%) are suffering from imposter syndrome, which is hindering their ability to run their businesses effectively.

Other findings include:

  • 44% of British Gen Z state they often have feelings of self-doubt or imposter syndrome which make it hard for them to lead their team effectively.
  • 34% of Brits find that in running their business, they have no one to support them, they do all key tasks alone and that disconnects them from their passion.
  • 62% would be happy to compromise their career aspirations/business goals in order to preserve their mental health and avoid burnout.