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Shaping the future with heat-free technology

Isle of Man gains wider access to sustainable printing as local IT supplier adds heat-free inkjet technology to their portfolio

Typhoon House in central Douglas have been providing the Isle of Man with multi-functional printers, consumables, AV Solutions and scanners since 1993, and have just announced that they are adding a sustainable range of heat-free Epson’s inkjet printers boast up to 95% reduction in energy consumption compared with competing laser printers and print speeds of up to 100 pages per minute. The decision from Typhoon House will offer local businesses and schools the chance to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

In a recent study1 that explores the importance of sustainability in the current era, research has revealed that 3 out of 4 employees want more focus on environmental and social issues post-Covid. The same study also revealed that despite the want for change, only 25% of employees and 29% of employers believe this will be fully embedded in their business recovery plans.

Geoff McCann, Managing Director at Typhoon House, commented: “Printing isn’t the first technology that comes to mind when we think of sustainability, however it was our mission when establishing the business in 1993 to focus on reducing environmental impact wherever we could. Over recent years public opinion has changed causing laws to be created that require all manufacturers to address the climate challenge and Epson has achieved this with their inkjet technology. The Isle of Man is proud to be the first country in the world to be recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere region and Epson’s environmental credentials align with our Island’s goals.

“Of course, customer value must come first, and what we’ve learnt about Epson inkjet technology is that low energy consumption isn’t a compromise on cost saving or higher productivity, it’s a cause of these benefits. Their printers offer ultra-high ink yields capable of printing up to 88,000 pages without changing ink, so customers go through a low volume of consumables. Their first page out time (FPOT) means customers can print documents quickly and because heat-free inkjet printers are made up of fewer parts that can fail, customers will enjoy minimal user intervention.”

With the addition of Epson’s heat-free print technology, Typhoon House has extended their Epson offering, consisting previously of projectors, desktop printers, large format printers and scanners. Epson inkjet printers are now available as part of a managed print service, which offer customers complete flexibility, reliability and financial control over their printers.

Richard Wells, Head of Business Sales for Epson UK, comments: “Epson have very recently updated its corporate vision to become carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050. Our heat-free inkjet technology is a great reflection of this mission and by helping customers to reduce their carbon footprint based on the brand of printer they choose, we’re making sustainability a clear and easy choice. The decision from Typhoon House to welcome heat-free printing onboard their line-up is a great validation of sustainable technology as a no-compromise solution for their customers, and we look forward to supporting their continued success across the Isle of Man.”