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Should people in IT be getting more sleep?

Figures published by Core, revealed that three-quarters of IT professionals are suffering from sleep deprivation since the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the workplace. 71% of IT workers are getting less than two hours a day of ‘genuine downtime’ and 29% are now finding their jobs ‘too stressful’.

To alleviate the pressure being exerted on IT teams, a range of solutions were proposed in the report, such as updating as much as possible to a cloud environment and reducing the amount of time IT teams are spending on maintaining outdated legacy systems. However, according to eacs, the role that managed services could play cannot be overstated enough, as finding the right partner can take the pressure off overworked IT teams, while also giving them the tools to get on with what they do best – using the latest technologies to drive their business forward.

COO Stuart Dickinson, said: “As the lockdown eases, one way that business can lift any extra weight is by moving to a managed services model. Although there are other options at the disposal of businesses, such as ensuring staff have a clear-cut work/life balance, making the shift to managed services has the potential to immediately transform the job satisfaction of currently overworked and overburdened IT staff. After all, if staff are happier, more productive, performing better and adding greater value, businesses will soon be able to reap the rewards.”