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SLAs Matter – survey shows that 75% of UK SMBs are potentially being misled by ISPs

-Survey by Spitfire Network Services Ltd reveals only 1 in 4 SMBs are aware of any SLAs as part of their current internet connection-

-Kept in the dark: 60% have no idea that there are two types of SLAs – service and performance-

-Spitfire Network Services calls for greater transparency from ISPs-

 Spitfire Network Services Ltd, a provider of telecoms and IP engineering solutions to UK businesses, today revealed survey data that shows 75% of UK SMBs aren’t aware of any Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as part of their current internet connection contract. By not making customers sufficiently aware of SLAs or making them part of the conversation, ISPs are potentially misleading customers.

Spitfire Network Services’ ‘SLAs Matter’ survey of 401 UK-based SMBs sought to better understand how aware of SLAs SMBs are. A SLA is a commitment between a service provider and customer. These are split into two types: Service SLAs and Performance SLAs. Service SLAs are focussed on elements such as response and fix times should a connection drop out, and Performance SLAs provide assurances on agreed levels of performance – for example the maximum levels of delay and packet loss when data is being transmitted.

The picture is starker in relation to Performance SLAs – 60% of UK SMBs had no idea that there are two types of SLAs, and less than half (46%) know if their current connection comes with Performance SLAs. Performance SLAs are hugely important as they focus on how an internet connection actually performs for the business. By not having these in place, businesses are at risk of paying for a connection that performs way below the expected level. For businesses that need an internet connection with  consistent levels of performance for things like voice over IP or other real time applications this could lead to ongoing communication issues and disruption to staff and customers.

Dominic Norton, Sales Director, Spitfire Network Services Ltd, commented: “What our survey shows is that there is a growing disconnect between what businesses believe they are getting from their ISP and the reality of what is being delivered from an SLAs perspective. SLAs are hugely significant to ensure businesses can get the service and support they are paying for, but too often providers are failing to be openly transparent with customers.”

Norton added: “The aim of our SLAs Matter survey is to make businesses more aware of what to consider when choosing their internet connection, the SLAs they should then expect and to make it clear to providers that they need to make sure their customers are informed about what they are actually delivering for them.”

In total, 401 respondents were surveyed throughout October and November 2021 as part of the ‘SLAs Matter’ survey conducted by Spitfire Network Services.

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