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Smart glasses from Epson

Epson is introducing a fourth generation of binocular, see through, Si-OLED augmented reality smart glasses. The new Moverio BT-40 and BT-40S smart glasses boast a wider field of view; increased HD display resolution (1920 x 1080); a higher contrast ratio (500,000:1), which makes unused display space appear truly transparent; improved connectivity; and a more comfortable, adjustable glasses-style form factor (with optional dark shades).

The Moverio BT-40 with USB Type-C for connecting to tablets, smartphones and other devices is ideal for top-level executives who need to work and view confidential materials in public spaces, while the Moverio BT-40S, which includes the option of an Intelligent Controller running Android for custom software integration and wireless connectivity, offers additional functionality for ISVs to develop immersive applications.

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