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SMBs turn to automation, digitisation and security

A Xerox survey found that 80% of SMBs globally consider the ability to automate tasks and processes key to surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. 85% were more reliant than ever before on communication technologies, remote IT support and security hardware and software. 

Other key findings included: 82% say digitising paperwork is important to their survival; 75% are more reliant on workflow technologies, compared with pre-pandemic set ups; 88% view security software and hardware that protects business information as core to their longevity, with 75% likely to upgrade current solutions this year and 65% said remote IT support was a substantial pain point – with 74% likely to invest in better solutions this year. 

Survey respondents were optimistic: 64% anticipate emerging from the pandemic stronger. 81% acknowledge the health crisis has made them more reliant on technology – and they clearly see that reliance continuing in order to support and secure a distributed workforce. Compared to last year, 75% have increased their technology budgets by an average of 34%.