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Software licence complexity can be bad for business

A survey commissioned by Nuance Communications conducted among IT decision-makers in the UK, has revealed that licence complexity hinders greater adoption of PDF Solutions in UK businesses. Of the 60 per cent of respondents who said that PDF is a critical business application, almost half said that licence complexity hinders their use of PDF software.

Three-quarters of workers who said that licence complexity hinders their use of PDF software, stated that PDF software is a strategic component of their document processes at work, painting a concerning picture with respect to the impact that licence complexity has on productivity and security across businesses in the UK.

Nuance argues that for businesses stuck with PDF solutions whose greater deployment in hindered by inflexible licencing options, the implications of the licence barrier to broader PDF adoption is even more acute; in today’s digital economy, an ever increasing number of documents – in physical or electronic form – flows in, around and out of an organisation. Therefore, if access to PDF solutions is compromised by complex licenses, then productivity and security maybe compromised, as PDF remains the most effective way to capture paper documents and convert them into electronic ones.

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