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Ricoh: Solving societal issues

A new report from Ricoh Europe found that workers are increasingly expecting their employers to contribute positively to societal issues. The Future of Work report, researched and produced by Arup, explores how technology will shape jobs, with collaboration and sustainability at the core.
To employees, the onus is on employers to use the power of technology as a force for positive change at work and beyond. A supporting study of 3,000 European workers found that three quarters believe that as technology improves and automates tasks, employers must empower their staff to achieve better work-life balance. Additionally, 63% expect employers to harness profitability gains from automation technology to re-invest in its people and community.
Two thirds (65%) of European workers expect their employers to be part of the solution for societal issues such as climate change and inequality. Additionally, 28% would be willing to take a 10% pay cut to work for an employer that was committed to helping solve societal issues.
However, the majority of workers are sceptical of their employer’s intentions. Two thirds (65%) believe their employers will use automated technology to increase profits and cut jobs.
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