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Spectra Logic Announces Cost-Effective Digital Archive Solution that Simplifies Long-Term Digital Preservation

Printada! is specifically designed to help business and organisations spend less time managing their printers and sourcing cartridges and more time actually getting on with their day-to-day activities whilst of course saving a lot of money.

The Printada! subscription could save companies up to £2,500 per printer over a three year period, equivalent to around 40%. This is significant!

This new Subscription offer is carefully designed to help users identify a suitable printer and monthly page allowance and then pay a fixed price every month. The fixed monthly price includes everything: the printer, all of the cartridges and consumables and of course full warranty, maintenance and support. This means businesses with remote workers can finally control costs and also remove all of those inbound support calls from employees, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Paul Callow, general manager commented “The Printada! Subscription deal offers incredible benefits for businesses and organisations whether they have one printer or a fleet of 5,000. Cost savings of up to 40% are realistic. We also know that post-covid more people are working remotely and this has led to all kinds of issues for employers. Employees working from home have been spending a huge amount on cartridges for printers which are not designed for office output and we have also seen a rapid rise in support requests to IT and facilities managers who have little hope of knowing how to configure a 5 year old inkjet printer on an employees home network”. Paul went on to say “Printada! offers firms and organisations with remote workforces a real breakthrough in cost management and team efficiencies. Imagine a workforce of 50 remote workers all using the same device and each device creating a saving of £200 or £300 or more each year! And with zero calls for support and help coming into the internal support folk! Printada! is a game changer for organisations with large remote workforces”.

For more information about Printada! visit the website or r contact Paul Callow at 07584 689164.