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KOMSA AG and Westcoast Strategic partnership

KOMSA AG and Westcoast (Holdings) Ltd are establishing a close strategic partnership. With a combined turnover of more than EUR 5.5 billion, KOMSA and Westcoast will become the largest private sales, marketing and service partner for global brands in the technology industry in Europe. In the course of the merger, Westcoast will take over the shares from KOMSA’s founders.

The deal will see KOMSA strengthen IT competence and gain access to markets in the UK, Ireland and France, where it has not been significantly active to date. “The main driver is the convergence of the IT and telecommunications infrastructure, which opens up completely new applications and productivity gains for companies,” said Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO of KOMSA.

Commenting on the deal, Joe Hemani, Chairman and founder of Westcoast said: “We will bring our know-how from the highly competitive IT market to the world of telecommunications, which will improve the customer experience and range of available services. With access to the German growth market, where we have not been significantly active to date, we are also strategically expanding our market position.”