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Working from home but still struggling with technology?

With hybrid working models now the norm, hybrid meetings, featuring a mix of virtual and in person participants, will continue to play a vital role for businesses now and in the future. However, insights from Sharp reveal that ongoing technology challenges could have a significant impact on their success.

Sharp conducted research with 6,000 office workers in SMBs across Europe to investigate the impact the pandemic had on workers’ expectations for workplace collaboration, and how they felt about the changing meeting environment.

Just under half of office workers surveyed (47%) said they find it confusing having to use various different video conferencing platforms, and 53% said it’s harder to stay focused during remote meetings. Given the high reliance on technology to support meetings, it’s surprising to see that only 47% of office workers said they have received training on how to use the technology.

Despite the concerns raised in the research, remote meetings provided more opportunities for many workers under the age of 30, with half stating they are more confident at speaking up in virtual meetings than face to face, and almost three in five (59%) stating that more people are able to contribute during remote meetings.