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Surge in demand for ITAD

The return to the office will drive a surge in demand for IT disposition services as companies cope with the backlog built up during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to DSA Connect. 

Its research found 83% of UK IT directors believe demand for IT asset disposition (ITAD) and data destruction services will grow over the next two years with nearly one in five (17%) predicting a dramatic increase in demand. Just 5% expect demand to drop.

Around 69% of respondents said data erasure services will be most in demand with just 10% expecting a drop in demand. Around 60% of IT directors believe end of life IT services will see a growth in demand with 24% expecting a dramatic increase over the next two years. 

More than half of those questioned (55%) believe demand will increase for onsite data destruction and recycling of IT services with 33% expecting a dramatic increase in demand for recycling and 29% a dramatic rise in demand for onsite data destruction.