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Survey finds younger generation struggling to be productive

89% of Generation Z and 91% of Millennial workers report difficulty working from home as a result of COVID-19, according to a global survey of professionals conducted by Engine Insights and commissioned by Smartsheet.

Key findings include: 64% of Generation Z and 61% of Millennials in the UK feel the amount of time spent on video calls makes it hard to get their work done. 79% of the UK workforce feels less connected to their teams; young workers especially so with 85% of Generation Z and 81% of Millennials reporting this issue.

Young workers feel less informed about what is going on within their company since they started working from home the most; with 79% of Generation Z and 69% of Millennials reporting this, versus 66% of Generation X and 67% of Boomers.

“This research shows that the key to helping remote workers cope with the current circumstance, and thriving in the longer-term, goes far beyond simply connecting people and teams through video-based technology,” said Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader. “To be effective, people need to stay deeply connected to their work and the work of their teams. They also need context, structure, tracking, and visibility into their work. Providing those things is more important now than ever.”

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