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Sustainability investment

Sustainability investment Baildon-based office services and supplies company ACS Group, is investing £250,000 in sustainable initiatives with the aim of becoming net zero by 2030.

The £26m turnover company has already invested £190,000 in a range of environmentally responsible schemes.

These include the installation of 220 solar panels on its head office roof to generate energy and ensuring the use of 100% recycled filler cardboard in all orders from its distribution centre.

The company which employs 112 people, is helping enable the delivery of its customers’ sustainability targets through several initiatives.

These include removing single-use plastic products in its catalogues and creating a ‘green’ product list that has a minimum of 75% recyclable content. This year will also be the first that the company does not print catalogues and will instead direct customers to an online version.

Sustainability Manager, Tom Taylor, said: “Net zero by 2030 is extremely ambitious and requires radical innovation within our supply chain. All of us at ACS Group hope to influence our stakeholders into making the required changes to ensure a more sustainable future for our industry and our customers.”