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Taking back control of data

New research from eyeo has found that mobile users want more control over their data when browsing the internet on their phone. This is encapsulated in the finding that 83% of users would change their mobile browser if it offered them this greater level of control. 

The survey results confirm that users want more control over their browsing experience and suggest how telco providers can help achieve this. 84% of users believe that they should be paid in exchange for the data gathered on them through trackers such as cookies, which shows that data should only be monetised by companies if users get something in return. 

Users also want to regain control of their everyday browsing experience. When asked what they found most annoying about their mobile browsing experience, 37% of users highlighted intrusive ads as their biggest aggravation, which was followed by cookie consent requests at 23%, and being tracked by apps at 18%. 

The data also suggests that telcos can play a leading role in helping give users more control over their online experience. Most subscribers surveyed have a strong relationship with their telco provider, exemplified by the fact that 62% have used apps supplied by their telco provider. Crucially, 80% report a positive experience when engaging with such apps.