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Technical excellence and innovation

Selectec, the channel-only global distributor of software and hardware solutions, continues to enhance its offer. Michelle Ryder spoke to EMEA Channel Director Ben McKean to find out more about the firm’s expanding portfolio and future plans.

Selectec was established in 1981 as a design engineering company and very quickly developed a reputation for technical excellence and innovation. One of its first projects involved designing a book copier for the British Library, which moved the business into the copier/printer industry. It then entered the software distribution sector. Today the company provides global channel partners with a range of associated professional services, including installation services and in-house custom development projects.

Selectec is focused on delivering quality and easy to use solutions to its channel partners. Its partnership with PaperCut spans thirteen years, and it has also expanded to include card readers, capture software solutions, document management and ECM systems, along with development integration and professional services.

As EMEA Channel Director, McKean’s role is to support dealers, manufacturers and distributors, demonstrating how the use of the solutions in its portfolio will enable their customers to improve their workflow and reduce their print and copy output. “These solutions are not only cost-effective and user-friendly but are also easy to sell, install and support,” he said.

McKean recognises that both hardware margins and print volumes are in decline, which is why he said the business’ focus is changing. “Our main focus is on digital document processes. We are now looking outside the world of print to offer innovative solutions that will help our partners to capture new opportunities, by delivering the right solution at the right time for the right customer,” he explained. “Part of our role is to coach resellers to be able to have different conversations and to grow their business – if they’re not having those conversations, then someone else will be.”

Sharing knowledge
Selectec partners with both channel vendors and OEMs. “If a reseller is buying hardware from an OEM, then it makes sense that they can access complementary solutions from the same source. Our role is very much to support the OEMs in enabling their channel partners, which is why we get involved with their events and work together to deliver the best results,” McKean said.

The COVID-19 lockdown saw Selectec deliver a series of online seminars to share knowledge. “Take-up has been amazing,” he said, adding: “We also provided online training for our partners, which furloughed staff were able to participate in as it was a learning as opposed to revenue-generating exercise. This has been extremely well received.”

He continued: “We are all about taking something complex and making it simple. Our overriding goal is to be a partner our clients can rely on and to become an integral part of their business.”

The company is now looking to replicate the success enjoyed in the UK, creating that same ecosystem in other countries. “One of our biggest strengths is our ability to build relationships and that’s what we will be pushing out to other countries,” he added.

Hunting unicorns
To support this goal, Selectec has added to its team, appointing a Document Solutions Specialist whose brief is to ‘hunt for unicorns’. McKean said: “We are always looking for new solutions to add to our portfolio. We adopted the ‘unicorn’ messaging as that sums up what we are all about – finding something unique that will make a difference to our partners’ bottom line.”

As a case in point, McKean cited two portfolio products – Square 9 ECM solution and Foldr, an easy to use document management solution. “Square 9 is an amazing platform, it was totally unknown in the UK but we have fully trained and signed up a number of new dealers. Similarly Foldr is an incredible solution that works equally well with individual file structures, be they onsite, online or a mixture of both. Clients will benefit from its security, compliance and affordability. It is a great fit in all key verticals and offers a unique addition to resellers’ solutions portfolio allowing then to re-engage with their existing customer base and create new business.”

McKean says Selectec is formed of like-minded individuals. “We have a great team all of whom combine spirit and energy and are committed to our core values of listening to our partners and always doing the right thing.

“We are all geared up to expand our horizons to support our customers’ business growth. We’re always looking forward and have no intention of being left behind,” he concluded.