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Ten-fold increase in leads

Managed services provider eacs is reporting a ten-fold increase in enquiries for support from businesses looking to open new satellite offices in the UK and UK-based businesses looking to gain a footprint in the EU.

Specifically, the overwhelming number of leads coming into eacs are from financial services businesses looking to open offices in the UK for the first time. The MSP is also reporting that many of its existing customers are looking to open in mainland Europe to ease burden of the new regulations and paperwork requirements. A majority of these customers are predominantly in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and food markets who routinely have to export their products to Europe.

Chairman and Chief Executive Kevin Timms, said: “This uplift in sales opportunities is as unexpected as it is welcome, given the uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit and the continued situation concerning COVID-19. Supporting distributed enterprises and remote working are the two big asks we are seeing right now and that is applicable to existing customers or new leads from either side of the channel.”

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