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The Missing Piece of your Brexit Solution

Effective Consumable Solutions:

PrintIT Reseller sat down with ECS’s Director Felicity Rabbitte to discuss all things Brexit, including their contingency plan and how they’re so prepared for the topic that is on every UK business owners mind this month

What’s the secret to ECS’s success over the last decade despite frequent changes in the market, including the disruption of Brexit?

ECS are the preferred provider for distributors, remanufacturers and office equipment suppliers throughout the world. Our approach has always been to provide remanufactured products which are renowned for quality, performance and reliability accompanied by a strong UK-made reputation which reinforces these three factors.

We’re one of only a few remaining toner remanufacturing companies within the UK and hold all relevant accreditations and requirements including ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as REACH, COSHH and RoHS compliant products, which is something that a lot of other remanufacturers do not have. Each of these accreditations and certifications provide proof of our commitment to providing the best remanufactured products available on the market.

In addition to our core business, we also offer our UK clients The Greener Side; our award winning recycling scheme which receives over 1,000,000 empty cartridges every single year, showing our commitment to the environment and to helping our industry improve its’ green credentials.

What impact do you predict Brexit will have on the print industry?

Our industry will be affected on a similar scale to all other UK industries. Statistically speaking, the EU is the UK’s biggest trade partner, with over 54% of all UK imports in 2018 coming from countries within the EU. As a result, UK businesses can expect shortages on products that they usually import from Europe, as well as price increases due to new tariffs that are likely to be introduced. Brexit enthusiasts will refer to this as ‘Project Fear’ – however, we strongly believe that the above consequences of Brexit are extremely likely if a no deal Brexit is the outcome.

Further to this point, reports have suggested that we can expect lorry flow rates through the channel to halve for up to three months followed by further significant disruption for the next three months. Businesses should also take into consideration that the new Brexit deadline of October 31st means these shortages will coincide with bad winter weather, which will further contribute to delayed imports and therefore shortages of products.

What plans and changes have you made to cope with the impending Brexit deadline?

The uncertainty over Brexit can be crippling for a lot of businesses, especially since this is now the second deadline that we’ve had to deal with, but we’re fully prepared. Unfortunately, for a lot of businesses the current situation is going to get worse unless they have a solution which covers them in both the short and long-term.

Our contingency plan is to ensure that we provide continuous uninterrupted service to all of our partners. We’re able to achieve this due to having a huge range of stock across all major product lines from all manufacturer brands which our UK customers are able to receive vianext day delivery. Our products are alsoconsistently high quality and equivalentin performance with OEM all alternatives,ensuring that our partners receive goodvalue for money.

In addition to this we provide all of our partners with free advice on Brexitplanning, free engineer training, technicalbackup and most importantly a consistent supply of British remanufactured products. Ultimately, ECS’s solution ensures that our partners are unaffected by the outcome of Brexit, which is why all major UK dealers use our products.

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