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The new mobile office

Michelle Ryder spoke to Martin Januš, CEO and Founder of MyQ, to find out more about the company’s plans for growth in the UK and its latest innovation, MyQ Roger 

2020 was quite a pivotal year for MyQ, it introduced MyQ X, the next generation of its MyQ print management software and launched MyQ Roger, a fully-fledged public cloud solution designed to increase individuals’ productivity and efficiency – wherever they are. 

MyQ software – an easy to use managed print solution for SMEs was first developed in 2007 for the company’s home market in the Czech Republic. But demand from other countries grew very quickly – today the solution is used worldwide and the company has a global footprint – with offices in Prague, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, the US and Middle East. 

The MyQ X platform is a total management solution covering print – including mobile print; scan and capture, OCR and fleet management, and is available in three distinct plans – Smart, Enterprise and Ultimate. 

Last year, Januš identified an opportunity to provide a platform that would better support individuals working remotely. “We have been monitoring demand for cloud over the past two to three years, but our goal when developing MyQ Roger was not to simply convert our original platform to the cloud, but to instead create something new and offer more to our partners’ customers,” he said. 

My Q 1
My Q 1

The global pandemic has seen mass acceleration in terms of cloud adoption and digital transformation. “Digital transformation is much easier for large enterprises, SMEs however often don’t have a dedicated team or the budget to digitally transform at scale, so our vision was to help their employees to become more efficient, by giving them the ability to virtualise their applications and work from anywhere,” Januš added. 

MyQ’s print management solutions are designed to help businesses boost productivity and efficiency by personalising, simplifying and automating document workflows. Both solutions manage print, scan, capture and document management workflows, MyQ X boasts high-end security features, personalisation options for maximum efficiency and accurate cost reporting, while cloud-native MyQ Roger introduces additional flexibility and efficiency. MyQ X is hosted in Microsoft Azure as a public cloud SaaS solution and also supports Universal Print by Microsoft. It can be installed on-premise, in-house, or in a private cloud environment equipped with a Microsoft operating system. 

Smart digital workplace assistant 

Positioned as a smart digital workplace assistant, MYQ Roger is built from the ground up to help with digital transformation and especially to modernise traditional environments and daily work habits. “

The solution has a mobile-first concept and is not reliant on hardware or agents installed on PCs. We added features to simplify workflows and enable employees to enjoy a personalised experience, rather than focus on print monitoring and accounting. MyQ Roger was designed to empower users to selfserve, to create, define and personalise workflows, and work more efficiently,” Januš said. 

MyQ 2
MyQ 2

Built as a public cloud SaaS product, MyQ Roger has a multi-tenant architecture, with a secure and isolated dataspace for each customer. It is designed to eliminate any unnecessary traffic to the cloud and back, to reduce negative impact on local internet connection, and to be highly costefficient when it needs to consume cloud computing resources. 

Print jobs can be stored on any capable print devices, documents can be pull-printed on any printer connected to the local network, can be stored in personal cloud storage repositories such as OneDrive, on desktop PCs or the Universal Print spooler if it is used for printing.

 With MyQ Roger, users can customise and personalise smart scanning workflows across compatible printers using their smartphones, or perform pull-printing from cloud or local storage. Future plans include providing functionality from any device connected to the MyQ platform. 

Users can be up and running very quickly, set-up involves installing the embedded application on the printer and an Apple or Android mobile app. Users can then create, adjust and complete personalised functions and capabilities without needing IT support, enabling them to perform the tasks they need to from anywhere. 

“One of the biggest advantages of My Q Roger is its ability to guide users and make recommendations as to other task that can be automated – it’s not just about print and scan but about all applications to streamline everyday work tasks. Individuals can access a set of pre-defined functions and workflows from a personalised interface on every connected multifunctional device, as well as adjust, design or adopt recommended workflows on their smartphone. There’s also a voice assistant that enables print, scan or copy functionality on any connected printer,” Januš explained. 

Growth strategy 

With MyQ Roger, the company is well positioned to work in partnership with channel partners and support organisations looking to embrace secure cloud-based systems and accelerate their digital transformation. 

The company is currently engaging with partners worldwide, sharing its vision for growth and providing training on its new offering. Additionally, the software developer is looking to work with advanced partners, creating integrations between MyQ and partners’ own applications to extend the platform’s capabilities into new areas such as enabling power consumption to be monitored in home offices. MyQ’s cloud platform can collect data from IoT connected devices and third-party integrations to provide customers with advanced reporting functionality. 


“We are offering some partners an exclusive set of features, providing them with access to our platform so they can upload data – giving them an opportunity to do more for their customers, diversify their offer and implement unique solutions based on MyQ and their own applications,” Januš said. 

“Our go-to-market strategy is also centred on building relationships with partners across different verticals who are interested in customisation and integrations that extend beyond printing and scanning,” he added.

 “In developing MyQ Roger, our priority was firmly on enabling working from home, however we do have plans to further enhance the solution’s capabilities, including adding accounting functionality to extend the platform’s suitability for education. We are very excited for the future and we have aggressive plans to become a major player in this market. We have a truly unique product with a mobile-first concept and one which will enable both our partners and their end customers to fully leverage the flexibility and scalability that the cloud offers,” he concluded.