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The Renaissance of Recruitment

Recruitment and the IT Reseller:
The Renaissance of Recruitment

More and more companies now engage their own internal recruitment teams
More and more companies now engage their own internal recruitment teams

More and more companies now engage their own internal recruitment teams or, at the very least, task managers with finding their own recruits, so is the importance of the specialist recruiter on the wane? In the third part of his series on recruitment, Spencer Taylor draws some interesting parallels between professional recruiters and IT resellers

As discussed in previous issues, an effective recruitment strategy and wellfunded resource behind it can deliver the quickest and most dynamic results, enabling the most bullish of business plans to be executed with ease. But what if your business doesn’t have the funding to support in-house recruitment? What if no one in your company has the expertise and know-how to approach and attract good people? What if you make do with people who are not as good as you deserve, just because you are unaware of the calibre of individuals out there in the market?

What is the cost of outsourcing services and solutions?

The majority of IT Resellers will at some stage try to demonstrate to their prospects that using a particular device or piece of hardware will benefit them in a number of ways. Combine some software to create a solution and not only do we now have a value-add benefit, but the savings that will accrue over time can be demonstrated with a detailed Return On Investment breakdown.

This is the Holy Grail for all salesmen:
the opportunity to engage, sell a solution and demonstrate cost savings to their client, while making a significant profit for their employer and a fair commission for their efforts. Win Win Win.

It’s then easy to articulate and overcome the standard objections:

“Of course it may cost more quarterly than you currently pay, but look at the savings long-term!”

“Of course the new solution may be more expensive, but it will do more, save you more and make you more money!” n “Of course you can buy hardware and software online, but how much of your time will it take trying to source the correct product? What if what you buy isn’t compatible with what you have? Who will you need to pay to set up the new equipment? What are the guarantees? What if it all goes wrong? How much time will you waste that should be spent creating opportunities for your business?” The same could be said about your recruitment.

Time is Money

The UK Recruitment industry had a turnover of £26 billion in 2013, of which £2.4 billion was spent on Permanent Placements. It provides a professional sales and service environment that can be delivered in a bespoke fashion to facilitate the singular requirements of every single business. It can be tailored to suit most budgets. And from an outsourcing perspective, using a reliable, independent third party supplier allows you to maintain flexibility and agility in an increasingly competitive market. Recruitment is as simple or as complex as you need it to be. In its simplest form, the process goes like this:

1. Write a Job description and create awareness.
2. Advertise the job locally, on job boards, network etc.
3. Wait and hope
4. Manage the advertising response
5. Remove the Lunatic Fringe from the applicants
6. Speak to the candidates you think may be suitable
7. Sell the opportunity
8. Reject and progress applicants accordingly
9. Arrange interviews
10. Make Job Offer
11. Wonder if there might be somebody better out there and wish you had the time, energy, resources and/or knowledge to attract them
12. Start New Employee
13. Train and Develop
14. Cross Fingers

At any point you could – and probably will – be sent back to point 1 and have to repeat the process.

What is the TRUE cost of outsourcing Recruitment Services?

Using a third party to deliver your recruitment is arguably as simple and obvious a choice as a Prospect’s decision to use your services for their IT Solutions. The fact is recruiters do the same thing day-in and day-out. Good recruiters have integrity; they embed themselves in their chosen industry; and they understand the sector and the companies within it. They build a reliable and robust network of clients and candidates and they continually learn.

Ultimately, there is no reliable way to determine what the intangible costs are of doing your own recruitment. You will need to sacrifice time that should be spent delivering sales. You will invest energy in learning new skills, but seldom master them. You will have some great successes and some crushing failures. But as long as your business goals are achieved, you win.

Just bear in mind, the next time you are on the new employee acquisition trail, that as in IT Reselling there are specialists out there who can source what you are looking for and tailor that solution to your specific business requirement; they can save you time on sourcing a commodity that is at the heart of all businesses; they will do the grunt work to remove the Lunatic Fringe from the process; and they do guarantee that if something doesn’t work properly they will work with you to fix it. It costs nothing to have a look…..
Be Mindful. Be diligent. There are still some Sharks out there….
Recruiters and IT Resellers: we’re not so different after all…….

Spencer Taylor is Director of Blackrock Search. He can be contacted on 07875 108999 or 01892 527054.

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