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The Sourcing Bridge…here to help during the Covid 19 Crisis

The IPIA and the BAPC have also been working together to help the industry come through the current pandemic by founding creative solutions to help businesses share their resources and strengths. It is recognised that businesses are looking at how they manage the need to reduce costs as work decreases, while supporting staff and customers in a safe and sensible way.

Many are mothballing their entire production and pushing work out to trade suppliers, while others are closing departments or reducing numbers in each department to ensure they survive.

Both Associations have been approached by many members who are looking at sourcing suitable trade suppliers or partners to help them through this crisis and have been recommending and linking them up with appropriate companies.

As a result of the increasing demand they have decided to work together to expand, formalise and develop this activity and promote a partner sourcing service during this unparalleled business situation.

To this end they have launched a free service called The Sourcing Bridge, which will operate as follows: If a company needs to source anything from a partner to work with on a regular basis to cover shortfalls in production staffing, support for a one-off job, or even requires an individual to replace someone in a department for a single job, then they can email this request through to

The Sourcing Bridge team will discuss specific needs and then post the request on a shared IPIA and BAPC member portal that has been set up, advising appropriate members there is an opportunity and then connecting them.

All requests will be kept discreet and confidential. The possibility of long-term arrangements, or even mergers has not been ignored. If help is needed, then the BAPC and IPIA will endeavour to find a solution.

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