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The UTAX Direct Service Operation puts UTAX Fleet Services (U.FS) into action

U.FS is a secure cloud-based system that allows a user’s fleet of copiers and printers to be monitored and maintained remotely.

The UTAX Direct Service Operation provides service and support packages to customers of UTAX partners for its digital copying, printing fax and scanning equipment through a UK-wide team of technicians and IT specialists.

Why U.FS?

With user errors, error codes and setting failures accounting for a high percentage of technician site visits, UTAX developed U.FS, its advanced remote monitoring service, in 2016. In the months since, the business’s technical team has been piloting the system across some 400 printing and photocopying machines and fine-tuning its deployment process.

Cutting time-consuming visits through visualisation

Since UTAX commenced its pilot scheme it has sorted 30% of user issues over the phone.

Designed for use with UTAX and TA Triumph-Adler devices, U.FS has sophisticated visualisation tools that allow technicians to carry out a range of routine tasks such as reading meters and recording toner levels without the need to prompt users or make time-consuming and costly site visits. Crucially, however, U.FS further reduces costs by enabling engineers to reset machines, deal with port failures remotely and provide more meaningful telephone support should a user encounter a technical problem.

Another major benefit of U.FS is that it has allowed UTAX technicians to analyse technical and usage data and provide a preventive service. In other words, they’re now able to identify and avert potential problems before the user is aware they may even exist. Technicians can also predict when a user will require toner deliveries and routine servicing. This support for automatic workflow also extends to billing, so U.FS customers are enjoying a genuinely seamless experience with downtime and disruption kept to the absolute minimum.

Making technical support mean more

Since testing began, UTAX technicians using U.FS have dealt with some 800 user incidents, resolving the majority of them remotely where previously a site visit would have been necessary. Where a site visit has proved unavoidable, U.FS has enabled the visiting technician to be better prepared than was previously possible. In a typical example, the system diagnosed a technical fault in advance, enabling the technician to arrive on site with all the necessary spare parts.

Customers have also benefitted from:

  • Rapid response: U.FS provides dealers with a clear overview of the status of every device in a fleet and sends fault notifications via the cloud. This means earlier identification and a faster response.
  • Reduced costs: with U.FS, onsite servicing visits are fewer and further between because detailed history reports enable dealers to plan and pre-empt the maintenance of every device. Firmware, meanwhile, is upgraded remotely.
  • Automatic toner ordering: supplying partner with a password protected web portal. From here, the partner can see and monitor all the machines it manages. They can set up as many user accounts as they need, taking advantage of the system’s flexibility to create user-specific accounts. So admin staff, for example, can have their access limited to usage and billing related data while technicians can have theirs customised to provide technical data, error reports and troubleshooting content.

All of which means reduced costs for UTAX partners and their customers – especially where a supplier is providing machines to end users in distant locations.

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