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ThinPrint launches server-less print management solution

ThinPrint has launched a new server-less print management solution that migrates print management to the cloud, while enabling secure printing from Macs and PCs to take place locally.

ezeep Dash delivers significant resource savings
ezeep Dash delivers significant resource savings

ThinPrint says that by eliminating the need to implement and manage on-site infrastructure, ezeep Dash delivers significant resource savings for companies of all sizes.

Thorsten Hesse, Chief Product Officer at ThinPrint, likens ezeep Dash to Gmail or Salesforce. “As Gmail makes the mail server unnecessary, and Salesforce makes the CRM Server obsolete, so ezeep Dash means print servers are no longer required,” he said.

Administrators can use the cloud portal to define printers and assign employees or groups. Everything else, including the installation of drivers, adjustments for changes to IP addresses and driver updates, are automatically taken care of by ezeep Dash and its agents on users’ machines.

Each user can manage the printers assigned to them via the Self Service Portal. While printer allocation takes place in the cloud, the entire printing process continues to be available locally on the user’s device, even if the computer is offline.

When it becomes available in the fourth quarter, ezeep Dash will cost €0.57 per user, per month.

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