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Tools to work effectively

Research from Kyocera has revealed that the large majority of public sector staff feel that their organisational workspaces are ill-equipped, impacting their capacity to effectively complete their work. This is subsequently contributing towards challenges in attracting and retaining staff.

The research, conducted by GovNewsDirect to survey the views of 406 staff across 348 public sector organisations, explored the attitudes and perceptions of staff towards how their organisations operate and their culture. The results of the survey showed a clear correlation between organisations’ working culture and staff performance and retention. When asked if their organisation is fully equipped with the workspace tools and devices to carry out work efficiently, only 13% of respondents ‘strongly agreed’, whilst almost a quarter (23%) disagreed. Alongside this, 75% emphasised their organisations’ struggles in attracting and retaining staff, which underlines the potential impact of a lack of these tools.

However, the research also provided some cause for optimism. 61% anticipate that their organisations will provide the right tools and devices to work efficiently within the next five years. In addition, respondents suggested that organisations that implement BYOD policies and new technologies such as cloud computing, will enhance staff productivity and morale. Many also felt that updating workspace tools and embracing digital transformation would offer a significant advantage when recruiting new talent.

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