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Turning a blank screen into a revenue opportunity

PrintIT Reseller spoke to Nigel Morris, Marketing Director at Beta Distribution about the company’s new digital content solutions business and the revenue potential for resellers

Screen messaging allows change of content as often as client wishes
Screen messaging allows change of content as often as client wishes

Beta Digital Media Solutions is a newly created business that is complementary to the firm’s traditional offering. Headed up by Joel Chimoindes, it’s designed to help dealers capitalise on the accelerating convergence of AV and IT and to provide the channel with an opportunity to get stickier with customers by offering an additional value-add solution.

Beta Digital Media Solutions has been built in a way that suits its channel customers, providing them with a onestop-shop, a single source through which they can access solutions from a number of different vendors, (Beta has secured two direct distribution agreements with Philips and Signage live), as well as experts who will assess customers’ requirements, create the content, install and network the screens, roll out the deployment and manage ongoing content changes on the dealers’ behalf.

“Supplying digital signage content packages is a service oriented business and dealers operating in this space need additional support and that’s what we are geared up to provide,” Morris said.

Beta DMS will continue to sell the range of AV products that has been part of Beta’s business for many years. The addition of the comprehensive range of services will provide a compelling proposition. “For dealers, this is an easy sell which provides them with a recurrent revenue stream,” Morris said. “They simply have to find the opportunity and we will do the rest.”

Every business regardless of size has something they want to say to customers, visitors or staff. “If you have a customer with a poster on the wall, then ask the question, why are they not communicating that information on a screen, which will also give them the flexibility to change the messaging as often as they wish,” Morris said. “Come and talk to us and we will take it from there.”

Recognising that resellers are naturally protective of their customer base and don’t readily share customer data outside of their own organisations, Morris pointed out that Beta is a trusted partner. “We don’t have a direct sales arm, we are a strictly trade only distributor. Three-quarters of the deliveries we make are direct to our customers’ customers, which is quite a staggering statistic and one which I believe speaks volumes about the levels of trust we have engendered with our reseller customers.”

Importantly the cost of entry for end users is ultra-low, the screens and contentpayable. “It’s an easy entry for the reseller and an easy decision for the end-user to make, they can be up and running for an outlay of tens of pounds as opposed to thousands of pounds,” he said, adding: “How many times have you walked into a building and seen a screen that’s blank or says ‘no network connection’? That’s a sales opportunity.”

Nigel Morris, Marketing Director
Nigel Morris, Marketing Director

For dealers already used to selling solutions and MPS, this works in a similar way and generates a recurring monthly revenue. The subscription packages are comprehensive, simple to sell and offer significant margin opportunity.

Beta DMS will conduct a customer survey to determine their requirements and revert back to the dealer to say how much it will cost including one content refresh per month. “It’s as easy as that,” Morris said. “And importantly if customers require further content refreshes we will do those at a competitive rate, presenting an even greater margin opportunity.”

According to Morris, the crux of this is that a blank screen has many possibilities. Global Market Insights reported that content management forms a crucial part of the system, which allows end-users to control what is displayed on their screens. “This proves the point that simply supplying the screen isn’t enough, providing the content is also key. Beta Digital Media Solutions has a comprehensive content service which turns your customers’ blank screens into dynamic engaging displays, it’s too good an opportunity to pass on,” he said in conclusion.

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