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Universal Print support

PaperCut has announced the launch of support for Microsoft’s Universal Print cloud infrastructure. PaperCut has been working closely with Microsoft’s technical teams since 2019, when Universal Print first went in to preview (beta). This collaboration has benefited both organisations, resulting in a connector integration for PaperCut that replaces and improves upon the default Microsoft connector.

This new compatibility means Microsoft 365 and Azure customers adopting Universal Print as part of their cloud journey can use PaperCut MF to enjoy printing on every platform, printer, and device; data protection before, during and after printing; a reduced environmental footprint, and shrinking bills; and the ability to scan and digitise documents to work smarter.

Jamie McClunie, PaperCut Universal Print Product Manager, said: “We see Universal Print as the natural evolution of Windows Print Server. Our customers are rapidly adopting SaaS tools like Microsoft 365, and supporting Universal Print is just one way we’re helping support the choice of cloud infrastructure.”