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Unlock the potential in your customers’ businesses

Sharp’s connected technologies have revolutionised the way that businesses engage with information, technology and each other. The company continues to innovate, ensuring that it helps its channel partners unlock the potential in their customers’ businesses

New research conducted with 6,045 office workers in nine EU countries (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary), including 1,006 office workers in the UK, has revealed that the average worker wastes 21 days each year due to slow or ineffective technology. That’s over four lost working weeks, longer than many employees’ paid annual leave*.

Sharp Infographic
Sharp Infographic

“Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and help us to work faster, however, in the real world, out-of-date technology and technology that is hard to use, often slows people down, forcing them to waste time,” said Stuart Sykes, Managing Director, Sharp UK.

The biggest time drain reported was searching for files on a server – 23 minutes per day – thanks to poor search tools. Other routine time wasters included using the printer, respondents reported that they spent seven minutes each day waiting for it to warm up and nearly ten minutes waiting for pages to come out.

This adds up to almost 40 minutes wasted per employee per day, the equivalent of 167 hours or four weeks of dead time every year, costing businesses over £2,100 per employee per year**.

In addition, almost 80 per cent of office workers polled in the UK said that their workplace is out of date when it comes to technology. If their office had better technology, nearly two thirds (64 per cent) said they would be more productive and nearly one in five (19 per cent) said they would stop looking for another job.

These findings suggest a big opportunity for businesses to improve both output and staff retention. “This dead time can mean lost opportunities, lost profits and even lost employees,” said Sykes.

The survey results provide Sharp’s channel partners with the opportunity to open up new conversations with both existing customers and prospects, about how they can help them to get this time back.

Wasted days
Wasted days

Sykes said: “We design products that are easy to use and efficient, that connect to each other and help to automate routine tasks.

“Businesses must wake up to the importance of connected technologies that work in sync with their employees’ changing needs and allow them to get the best out of their team, as well as making for a more motivated, more productive workplace,” he added.

But it’s not just about having the right hardware and software in place, it’s about making efficiency a priority and changing behaviours too. Through the consultative-led approach adopted by Sharp channel partners, they can win new business by demonstrating how they can help businesses to unlock the 21 days wasted annually by everyone in the office.

Top Tips

How to unlock wasted days

Sharp has worked with time management expert, Clare Evans, author of the best-selling title Time Management for Dummies, to provide some tips and advice that every office can try, regardless of its size and budget, to take back those minutes and hours.

Here’s a few of the top tips compiled.

If searching for files is a real problem in an organisation, consider using document management tools which help users automatically capture, index and archive documents. These tools force people to save documents to the right places, preventing them creating new, hard to find folders.

Sharp tip: Sharp’s Cloud Portal Office is its cloud-based light document management system. To store documents, people can save digital files straight to folders in the cloud, or scan them in from a Sharp multifunctional printer. Scanned documents are indexed at the MFP and any stored document can also be indexed through the Desktop Sync feature, adding searchable tags to make files easy to find.

Invest in technology that grows with the business, removing the requirement to spend time replacing a device and learning how to use a new one when you could extend its useful life.

Sharp tip: Sharp’s MX MFP range can be upgraded to include advanced features as a business needs them, for example, extra finishing options for printing brochures.

Make fast warm-up times part of what you look for when you’re buying equipment.

Sharp tip: Sharp offers MFPs with a ‘motion sensor’ so that it turns on when someone approaches it.

Try batch printing, where you stack everything up and print it all in one go.

Sharp tip: Most MFPs offer pull printing, where documents are sent to a virtual queue, ready to be printed all at once from the device.

Avoid time (and resources) wasted by printing large documents with mistakes. Often mistakes are discovered just after pressing the print button on 100 copies. Proof a hard copy first.

Sharp tip: Sharp devices offer a sample print feature where the first copy can be checked before continuing printing at the touch of a button at the device.

Days wasted
Days wasted

Use apps that let individuals work from mobile devices as well as laptops or PCs.

Sharp tip: Sharpdesk Mobile app lets users print wirelessly from phones or tablets to a supported MFP, without having to log on to a network or wait for a laptop to start up. Simply scan from the MFP to a mobile or tablet and use the app to share documents with other applications.

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