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Unlocking the PDF | Toshiba launches PhantomPDF as part of their new strategic partnership with Foxit Software.

As part of its ongoing mission to optimise the flow of information and data through organisations, Toshiba Tec UK is announcing a strategic partnership with Foxit Software with the launch of their PhantomPDF, PDF Editor.

“We recognise that more and more organisations are turning to PDFs as their default format for transferring data between and within organisations. However, to reap all of the benefits of this, tools and software that go beyond the traditional office packages are required. PhantomPDF allows Toshiba to design flexible, robust and scalable processes, which our customers need to drive their workflows efficiently. We’re excited to integrate Foxit’s excellent software into Toshiba’s suite of Managed Print, IT and Process Optimisation Services.” – Deyon Antoine, Product Manager at Toshiba.

Paul Jackson, Director of EMEA Channels said. “It is my pleasure to be able to announce the strategic partnership between Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems and Foxit Software. Toshiba are pioneers in the Digital Transformation journey of many of the largest companies in the UK. Foxit Software’s PDF and Enterprise Automation Solutions are the ideal fit to enable Toshiba’s customers to do more with documents with significant cost savings” Jackson continued “With more businesses needing employees to work remote, the luxury of walking into your managers office to get a signature on a document or redact business sensitive information cannot happen. Foxit PhantomPDF has the functionality to make dramatic improvements to your employees’ workflow and productivity and user experience. We look forward to working with Toshiba’s many dealers and building the relationship for the future.”

Foxit’s PhantomPDF provides users with an intuitive, fully featured platform to view, create, edit, collaborate, share, secure, organise, export, and sign PDFs. Rolling out PhantomPDF enables organisations to integrate PDF documents and forms into their daily workflows. Its enterprise functionality, easy integration, and affordability make PhantomPDF a fantastic and affordable alternative to existing PDF applications. More information is available here.

About Foxit Software

Foxit is a leading provider of innovative PDF products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents. Foxit addresses the needs of three distinct market segments. For End-User Productivity, Foxit delivers easy to use desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud services to make knowledge workers more productive. ConnectedPDF delivers leading edge technology that powers document management, security, and collaboration services for PDF files. Foxit’s Developer Solutions enable developers to incorporate powerful PDF technology into their applications. For Enterprise Automation, Foxit provides server software for large scale PDF document management and data capture.

Foxit has over 560 million users and has sold to over 100,000 customers located in more than 200 countries. The company has offices all over the world, including locations in the US, Asia, Europe, and Australia. For more information, click here.