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View from the channel

Dave Fleming, Sales Manager, Print Logic
Q: What are your customers most interested in?
A: Digital transformation. We’re experts at taking old business methodology of processing and dealing with information, then automating it as much as possible whilst cutting out wasted time and everyday mistakes. We are finding that customers want to improve their business but don’t know who to ask. They realise that there are more effective ways to work but aren’t sure how to accomplish them.
Q: Do clients have the same understanding of industry terms, such as BYOD, MPS or MDS, as we do?
A: We try not to use TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) as much as possible and speak to our customers in terms which mean more to them. Instead of bombarding them with terms like these we focus on talking about what they want and the best ways in which they can work in a more productive manner.
Q: Where are you seeing most traction at the moment, are there any verticals that are particularly strong?
A: We’re noticing that the financial sector is investing massively in digital transformation solutions, with a strong demand on cutting down on costs and time in their workflows.
Q: When selling MFPs, what are the most popular software solutions you provide and why?
A: Our customers gain most from scanning solutions and integrations. The specifics depend largely on the industry we’re working with, but generally solutions such as these are popular as they resolve an issue the customer has had for a long time.
Q: Where do you get information on the latest products and solutions, and do you feel that the OEMs are doing enough to educate their channel partners?
A: Whilst OEMs provide a lot of useful information, I believe they could still provide more to their partners. It usually varies depending on who supplies it.  We do regular research as to what other OEMs are doing so we can stay ahead of the curve, and the best way to find out useful information is by performing manufacturers’ competitor analysis.
Q: Is your patch particularly competitive – is it national or local competition that you face?
A: We’re a nationwide company, so it very much depends on where and how the enquiry comes into us. Often enquiries have a clear idea of what they are looking for, and sometimes they don’t – either way I think that the customers’ pain points are usually very similar, it’s just communicated in different ways.
Q: How do you spend your week – time on phone, face to face meetings with customers etc.?
A: I like to spend my time in face to face meetings with our key accounts. Customers generally prefer communicating like this and it’s a great opportunity to have a friendly chat whilst talking about what they’re looking to achieve.

Q: What would make your job easier?

Everton FC logo
Everton FC logo

A: If Everton were top of the league, the world would be a better place.