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View from the channel – Dominic O’Connor, Director, Managed Technology

Q: What are your customers most interested in?

Dominic O'Connor
Dominic O’Connor

A: This really depends on what sector they reside in. We have a very wide range of customers with different verticals focusing and prioritising on different technologies. We are seeing the SMB workforce rapidly becoming more and more mobile.

Q: Do clients have the same understanding of industry terms, such as BYOD, MPS or MDS, as we do?

A: For salespeople within our industry it is easy to forget that who we are selling to will often not be as familiar with our industry terms as we are. It is our responsibility as experts in our field to educate our customers.

Q: Where are you seeing most traction at the moment, are there any verticals that are particularly strong?

A: The market seems strong in most sectors at the moment, but we are doing particularly well in education and the leisure industry of late.

Q: When selling MFPs, what are the most popular software solutions you provide and why?

A: It is rare that customers will lease or purchase a MFP these days without cost control and OCR software at the top of their list of requirements. We generally sell PaperCut for cost control as it is easy to administer for the client and it is also great value. With regards to OCR all of the manufacturers we work with now offer their own ‘value-add’ applications with the devices, but we also have a wide portfolio of software partners for more complex and bespoke requirements.

Q: Where do you get information on the latest products and solutions, and do you feel that the OEMs are doing enough to educate their channel partners?

A: End-users look to us for general advice but more so for solutions to their problems. It is always important to be equipped with the latest product knowledge so we are always confident in the solutions we are recommending. I do however feel that some manufacturers focus on educating their resellers much more than others.

In the main we look to our manufacturing partners, but we also share and collaborate with other dealers as well. We are fortunate that one of our main partners Toshiba, has a huge focus on passing on knowledge and education to their channel.

Q: Is your patch particularly competitive – is it national or local competition that you face?

A: Yes, our HQ is in Kent which seems a particularly crowded marketplace. I see this as a good thing as lots of competition creates lots of activity!

Q: How do you spend your week – time on phone, face to face meetings with customers etc.?

A: All of the above. No week is ever the same.

With regards to the culture here, we focus on clear internal communications and a well energised ‘can do’ approach. We are fortunate that the whole team get on well with one another and we often all participate in various team building/social events outside of the workplace, which makes for a harmonious environment in the workplace – ultimately benefiting our clients.

Q: What would make your job easier?

A: Good question. If I ever find out I will let you know.