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VOW – Reducing costs and increasing efficiencies

Business product resellers, manufacturers and MPS providers seeking to lower costs and improve operational efficiencies are turning to VOW’s Fulfilment service.

By holding companies’ stock in its distribution centres and delivering it directly to end users, VOW frees its customers up from this operational aspect, enabling them to focus their efforts on areas such as business development, customer contact, sales and marketing.

Peter Fielding and Paul Kirk
Peter Fielding and Paul Kirk

VOW’s Fulfilment service is part of a vast infrastructure that stocks over 24,000 SKUs and makes more than 9,000 daily deliveries on a next day delivery basis. Whether a reseller wants something delivered next day either in bulk or in singles, VOW can remove this from their workload and enable them to concentrate on other tasks.

The service is run by National Accounts Sales Manager Paul Kirk and Business Development Manager Peter Fielding.

Peter Fielding: “We are building relationships with customers across the business product spectrum, from sole traders through to large organisations and major manufacturers. We work with organisations to show how outsourcing their fulfilment can deliver serious cost savings and accelerate business growth.

“From smaller companies who find the logistics side of their business challenging, to those who prefer to hand over the day to day delivery aspect of their business to someone else, we can help. By freeing up these customers to focus on their own development, rather than on stocking and delivery issues, we enable them to work ‘on’ their business, rather than ‘in’ it”.

“We achieve this by working in consultation and running a strategic review with the customer to look at their supply chain and decide jointly where costs can be reduced. From lowering warehouse overheads and freeing up storage space to giving customers the benefits of our economies of scale, VOW offers a bespoke solution”.

VOW is also able to support Original Equipment Manufacturers, helping them achieve cost savings. Traditionally many manufacturers keep stock in Europe and have to fulfil small orders directly to the UK from their European warehouses, which can be a costly process. By utilising the Fulfilment service they are able to keep stock at VOW’s warehouses, for it to then be delivered more cost effectively, next day, to their end users, in whatever quantity is required, small or large.

VOW can support these businesses with its advantages of strong buying power and the contacts to facilitate their needs, thanks to its direct relationships with global brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson, Imation, Kyocera, OKI, Samsung, Sony and Xerox among others.

Paul Kirk, National Accounts Sales Manager: “A business may win a contract but prefer to give the day to day demands of fulfilling the order to us. This could be delivering toners to shops around the UK or the regular supply of consumables to an end user on multiple sites.

“We support businesses providing MPS services, providing consumables to their end users. Any business that is responsible for putting a fleet of machines into an end user’s premises may want to engage with us for consumables fulfilment support.

“It’s often the case that a reseller or other provider can support the MPS customer on servicing and breakdowns, but finds the supply of consumables difficult to manage and inefficient to deliver in cost terms. Because VOW offers a national service and has huge stock holdings, this isn’t the case for us and we can easily support.

“With over 600,000 square ft of state of the art warehousing, capable of picking up to 65,000 lines per night for next day delivery, we pride ourselves on being slick, efficient and cost effective. De-duplicating work, creating cost benefits, providing experienced account and inventory management, and developing MI suites to keep our customers in control is what we do.

“Fulfilment suits VOW down to the ground because it’s at the core of what we do. Whatever the size of the customer and the demands of their end users we have a solution and will work proactively to ensure success for all parties.”

For more details please contact VOW on 0844 980 8220 or email

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