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VOW unveils new product strategy

VOW has released details of a new product strategy, set to come into play after its current catalogue cycle and completed by January 2017 that will see a conscious change to the predictable merchandise cycle.

Andrew Stacey, Group Merchandising and Marketing Director for VOW
Andrew Stacey, Group Merchandising and Marketing Director for VOW

The wholesaler is changing the restricted and rigid process around product selection and catalogue formation to offer resellers a more dynamic and intuitive range of products for certain categories.

Group Merchandising and Marketing Director Andrew Stacey said: “The catalogue has usually dictated what we do in terms of the ranges we sell to resellers. The new product strategy, only being applied to certain product categories, will have a conveyor process that will see continuous product launches. This means that new products can be launched at any time and on any day, providing we have the appropriate ‘go to market’ strategy in place. We’re doing this so products are significantly more relevant to our resellers and their customers.

VOW’s new product strategy will also be focussing on product ‘sell out’ that will be driven by consumer demand, as opposed to ‘sell in’.

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