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WH Office becomes latest authorised Pelikan Brand distributor for Hard copy consumable products.

WH Office (Winterholt & Hering GmbH) is one of the latest companies to sign contracts to become an authorised Pelikan Distributor for Pelikan branded Hard copy consumable products for the DACH region.

The Pelikan branded hard copy consumable products distribution strategy has changed to adapt to wider industry demands. Moving away from a direct distribution model to a Master Distribution model enables Pelikan branded stock to be held in all strategic markets to serve local business needs on a global scale. Progress made since early 2021 now means there is a strong family of Master Distributors able to serve customers across UK and Europe, with WH Office being the latest partner to join the family.

Steve Weedon (PRPS, CEO) commented on the new partnership: “Partnerships are all about the opportunity and the people you want to work with, making it a win-win for everyone, including end user customers, and that is why this new partnership is very satisfying. When we met WH Office, we were struck not only by the energy and enthusiasm shown for our brand, but also by the business strategy and ambition of the team to move the project forward.  WH Office understand the market, the channel, and the logistics of this industry really well and we feel totally confident in working with them to ensure the Pelikan brand becomes the number one alternative brand to OEM products in Germany and other surrounding countries”.

WH Office joins Santos Printing in Spain, DataDirect in the UK, IR Riprografia in Italy, NewCo SAS in France, and api Computerhandles of Germany and others who are in the contract process to cover more territories in, Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, Middle East and South America.

Malte Winterholt, CEO of WH Office GmbH commented “We are very excited to be involved with such a well-known, high quality and historic brand as Pelikan.  We have built a very successful business over the last 25 years, based upon a broad product range, good product availability and service. It’s a great opportunity to partner with a brand with common goals, by ensuring customers have a reliable, high quality non-infringing  IP safe product. This is something we are going replicate to re-establish Pelikan branded laser toner cartridges, ink cartridges, label tapes and ribbons, which are a perfect fit to our portfolio. We know that Pelikan Hardcopy products have a significant following in Germany. It’s fair to say that many dealers and end users have become frustrated over the last couple of years with the lack of availability. Our dedicated team is ready to work with channel partners to support the re-listing and new listings of the Pelikan branded products and to ensure that the incredible demand for them can be fulfilled”.

WH Office is based in Hamburg, Germany and can be reached on (+49) 0 – 4106-79970, by email: Or visit

Print Rite was established 41 years ago in 1981 and has amassed a technology patent portfolio of more than 3000 patents and is the industry innovator leader. In 2017 it acquired a 30 – year license to the Pelikan Brand for hard copy consumable products.

For more information, please contact Paul Callow @ or +44 (0) 7584 689164

About WH Office

Winterholt & Hering GmbH was established in 1996 as a European full-range supplier for original printer and copier consumables, with over 6,000 OEM items from all well known brands. Specialising in the distribution of inks and toners, they have the best relationships with all European players in this field and can rely on solid procurement channels. Even so-called marginal brands can be procured by them at short notice.

About Pelikan Printing

The Pelikan brand delivers high quality and high levels of brand recognition with End Users and Dealers across Western Europe, the Americas, and several other important regions. The brand itself originated in 1838 and has over 184 years become synonymous to stand for reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness. The brand is unique in that it has instant end user recognition and has a passionate following.