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What’s New from Epson, ezeep and Konica Minolta.

Epson upgrades TM-P series

Epson has announced significant improvements to each of the products in its TM-P series of portable thermal receipt printers. The upgraded products, which form the TM-PII Series, will not only further enhance the user experience in existing markets, such as retail and hospitality, but unlock their potential for use in new markets, including in- vehicle applications.

While specific improvements differ slightly between products, several key enhancements apply to all products. All products, for example, now offer increased impact resistance, and are certified to provide dust and waterproof protection to IP54 standards. They also feature USB-C connectivity, as well as support for Bluetooth 5.0 classic and low energy modes, providing excellent range, seamless pairing and outstanding battery life. With increased wireless performance through Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), all products also feature the Wi-Fi Direct (peer-to-peer) mode, enabling direct connection of up to eight devices, without the need to connect to a network or hotspot. All upgraded products are also approved for in-vehicle use.

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Epson has reduced the overall packaging required to ship the products and maximised the use of cardboard. In addition, the power supply has been de-bundled from the main product, to allow freedom of user choice and to eliminate any resulting e-waste.



Free cloud printing

ThinPrint has launched ezeep Blue free, offering a new licensing structure of its cloud printing solution that has been adapted for the needs of today’s businesses. The solution is available at no cost to teams up to ten users. For companies with larger teams or special requirements for their print environment, three additional new tariffs with tailored performance features are also now available.

Developed for small teams and start- ups, the ezeep Blue Free version delivers a solid range of functions with print management tools free of charge. For example, users can rely on print support for more than 6,000 printer models and can select and assign their own suitable printers in configurations that best fit their organisation’s needs. ezeep Blue Free will replace the free standalone ThinPrint Cloud Printer app.



Double productivity and twice the speed

Konica Minolta has unveiled the AccurioPress 6272P fully configured digital production press.

Dual-engine technology where over 15,000 images an hour can be printed in one integrated production process is at the heart of Konica Minolta’s newly launched machine. The tandem engine AccurioPress 6272P is the further development of the well-established AccurioPress 613P, where two engines are connected via the tandem relay unit TD-502 to double the benefits and sustain today’s high volume monochrome printing environment.

The unique combination provides twice the speed and double the productivity, as well as undisturbed printing without bottlenecks or shutdowns. Independent front-to-back alignment and a distortion adjustment function ensure accurate duplex registration. The optional Intelligent Quality Care Unit IQ-501 maintains consistent and stable quality without complexity. The standard paper cooling system enables all output to be processed immediately offline after printing.

Malcolm Smith, Category Manager of Production & Industrial Print, said: “This launch is another example of how we
are supporting the digital transformation of our clients’ companies by sector and industry, through advanced automation, fewer human touchpoints and higher productivity with tangible effects leading to increased, high-quality output with less waste.”

AccurioPress 6272P