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Win more deals and reduce the sales cycle by 50%

Fortinet’s CTAP initiative boasts an 85% conversion rate and can reduce the sales cycle by halfFortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is straight forward and completely free of charge to you and the end user.  It provides your prospects with in-depth information about the current state of their network and will help you accelerate the speed of closing sales, by basing your sales pitch on facts about the company’s network. This program lets you deploy a FortiGate in your prospect’s network without interrupting their existing infrastructure. Keep the FortiGate there for up to 7 days, share the logs with Fortinet and you’ll receive a Cyber Threat Assessment report that will thorough analyse the following three areas of your prospect’s network:   Security and Threat Prevention;  User Productivity;  Network UtilizationYou can study the report to identify areas that will draw your prospect’s attention or that deviate from your prospect’s expectations.  Effectively discuss everything you learned using the Cyber Threat Assessment report to gain credibility and establish trust. The Cyber Threat Assessment Program will help you easily convert prospects into customers and help you target all sizes of organizations, from SMB to Global companies.Perfect for existing customers looking for a firewall refresh, prospects concerned about security threats, user productivity and/ or performance and mid-enterprise customer opportunitiesClick here to view a sample report, executive summary and register your interest in becoming a part of this initiative.   (go to: ) The CTAP (Cyber Threat Assessment Program) from Fortinet is just one of the initiatives available from the Partner Program that can help power your business through unprecedented growth and profit by delivering security without compromise.

Empowering your business.    Make more money while selling innovative, comprehensive security solutions. The partner program is designed to help your business provide unmatched multi-threat security solutions, while assuring a profitable contribution to your business.

Enabling your growth.  A 100% channel model means that Fortinet partners are an extension of the company, so we’re constantly creating marketing and enablement programs specifically designed to drive demand.Leading the industry.  In today’s world, organisations are re-evaluating their existing security strategies to deliver a consistent, seamless, edge-to-endpoint threat posture. With Fortinet, customers get industry-leading threat intelligence and advanced threat protection from the inside out, for full visibility and control.To find out more, email us at