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Working on the edge

The use of Edge Computing to push applications, data and services away from centralised nodes to the logical extremes of a network is on the rise. While some organisations are struggling to even understand the concept and its applications, others are steaming ahead in terms of implementing the newest technology transforming business processes and decisions, according to Y Soft.
Chief Technology Strategist Ondrej Kracijek, says that encouraged by the dawn of ubiquitous connectivity, delivered by emerging standards, such as Wi-Fi 6, 5G or long range / low energy networks and the availability of a wide range of applications, it’s clear that this technology is here to stay and is set to have a dramatic impact on all industries. “From healthcare and manufacturing to legal and the public sector the technology enables businesses of all sizes to enable autonomous operational decisions to be made while providing savings on bandwidth volume and costs. Latency and issues such as poor or unreliable networks no longer impact business processes.”
Edge Computing offers a new model for running apps outside of the cloud. “With near real-time speeds and having the data and processing close, we can reclaim the user experience and make it bearable again, without suffering from long round trip times between user devices and the cloud,” Kracijek added.
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