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You’re fired and now rehired

Randstad UK asked 500 managers working within the tech sector if they would rehire an employee they’d let go and nine in 20 (45%) said they would. Randstad UK said the results reflect the pressure on employers suffering from COVID-driven labour shortages and the brutal employee churn brought about by the Great Resignation.

Adrian Smith, Senior Director of Operations said: “This shows just how severe the labour shortage is at present – and how desperate employers are getting in the face of such a dearth of skills. One of the unwritten rules of taking a new job is keeping it for at least a year – even if you hate it. People used to be worried about what future employers would think as an employee who stays at least a year is a better investment than one who doesn’t. Well, I can tell you tech professionals aren’t worried about that in the slightest now. If a job isn’t to their satisfaction, they know they can walk straight into another one.”